Appendix: Glossary

Meta-Runner: the program invoked when the “pdk run” command is given. The meta-runner discovers tests, sets up the test environment, and invokes the appropriate test runner(s) to run tests.

PDK Log: an ascii file containing a series of test results. See file_format.rst.

TDA: Test Definition Attribute. Test authors may define TDAs to associate information about the test input or properties with the test result.

TRA: Test Result Attribute. Test authors may define TRAs to associate more detailed information about the test output than the simple status.

Test result: a complete record describing the result of a test containing all required fields. A test result is represented in various ways: it is written in a log file (by a combination of default and test-specific fields), and it is stored in the database. See report_fields.rst.

Test runner: a specific test runner, such as nose.