Pandokia Test Result File Format

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A test report file is a series of one ore more test result records, with each record represented by several lines of ASCII text that comply with the following format:

    indicates a one-line value for <<name>>

    indicates a multi-line value for <<name>>.  There
    is a newline immediately after the colon, and each
    following line begins with a period.  A blank line
    ends the field.  The \n after the ':' is not part
    of the string.  The blank line at the end is not
    part of the string.  The '.' at the beginning of
    each line is not. Because of database limitations,
    nul characters are converted to \0 when imported into
    the database.

Blank lines and comment lines (beginning with "#") are ignored.

The following special commands are also recognized:

The START command will reset the state of the input processor. This includes clearning any defaults. You can write “nnSTARTn” to ensure a clean state when appending to a file.
REQUIRED. Indicates end of a record; the record is entered in the database. This command must be present for the record to be imported.
this record is not entered in the database, but the values are filled in as default values for all following records. You can still set a field, even if there is a default. The last value you set will be used.